CAREER BOOST RÉSUMÉS is designed to give you the edge you need to get the job you want!

A professionally written résumé gets outstanding results–750% more interviews and 79% higher salary offers.

Your résumé is the primary tool in your job search campaign; it is both your introduction and your "sales brochure" to prospective employers. As it provides the all-important first impression, it should present your objective, qualifications, professional experience and other information in a manner designed to create an interest in you, resulting in an interview.

People who read incoming résumés often spend only 15-30 seconds on each one--obviously not enough time to read through anyone's entire job history--so your résumé must stand out and spark interest, or you will have wasted your time and job opportunity. You need the most effective and current résumé package available to make your first impression a powerful one.

CAREER BOOST RÉSUMÉS is a complete service, providing expert job search consultation and the finest résumés available, created by a professional writer. We conduct an in-depth interview to review your career objective, areas of expertise and professional experience, assembling information which will be used to create a powerful résumé designed to attract the attention of your potential employer. We combine the best features of both the functional and chronological résumé styles into an attractive, easy to read, professional résumé.

We have a wide range of résumé packages, including 20 copies of each document on a superior quality paper in the color of your choice. We can provide: cover letter, references, salary history, follow-up letter, personalized stationery and matching envelopes. You select the format, the paper, and the supporting documents, based on your job search needs, budget, and personal preferences. All of our résumés include a free job search handbook, six months of free updating, free lifetime storage, and lifetime updating and/or future work at 50% off. Your résumé can also be posted on our website with your own unique address, so you can invite potential employers to view your résumé with one click of the mouse. All costs are tax-deductible.

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Sherry did a great job walking me through the résumé process a few years ago. She really had a great handle on what people were looking for and transformed a seamless set of discussions into a winning résumé. Great job!
— Steven McCaffrey

Sherry creates fantastic résumés and knows how to gear them for the position you are seeking and the career level you are at. Her work is attention grabbing and makes an impact and ensures your résumé is front and center. It is her work that got me into my current position, and I fully expect to use her services again.
— Tera Marquez

Sherry takes a true interest in her clientele. Not only does she provide a necessary resource for those looking for work, she goes the extra mile and acts as a consultant to them. By partnering with her vast network Sherry helps her clients get the necessary exposure needed when looking for a job. It is a tough job market these days. It definitely helps to have someone like Sherry on your side. I highly recommend Sherry at Career Boost Résumés.
— Denise Pomboonreung, Branch Manager, ACT-1 Personnel Services, Oxnard, CA

I have retained Sherry as my résumé writer for my "C" level candidates. Due to her hard work and professional manner I have been able to place 2 CIOs working for large Hedge Funds and Asset Managers. Their résumés stood out from the rest and Sherry took a very personal approach to delivering these CVs on time.
— Joseph Butler, Aviva Group

Without reservation, I can say that Sherry is an excellent résumé writer. She takes the time to meet with you, fully understand where you've been and what you've done and where you'd like to go. Then, she produces a very impressive résumé that is well designed to get you there. Even my friends with similar backgrounds are greatly impressed with the way mine is presented.
— Deborah Gershon

Dear Ms Gottlieb:

I wanted to introduce myself to you again. I came down with Ute Cato last week to have her résumé prepared by you. Although we didn’t converse very much, I listened to everything that I could and read the information provided in your lobby. I came away much impressed by your service and business.

I have to admit that I was somewhat skeptical when Ute first suggested that we drive one hundred miles to have this done, but, in retrospect, I have to admit that it was the right thing to do. I also thought about the call you had received from someone who thought your rates were exorbitant. The monies disbursed for the preparation of a superior résumé should be thought of as an investment in one’s future and not a cost. If the $200 or so spent for a professionally prepared résumé return an additional $500 a month for the first year’s employment alone, that is a return on investment of 3000%. Not a bad investment in this time of roller-coaster returns on monetary investments and break-even strategies.

As I may have told you at that time, I have seen my share of tenth-generation photocopies of résumés with glaring syntax and spelling errors; individuals who have submitted a vague description of a work history, called it a résumé; and individuals who don’t feel they need to submit background information, but assure me they are "quick learners" and will do a great job when hired. A professionally prepared résumé, at any reasonable expense, will open doors and can only help an applicant in finding better employment.

I left your office with a changed opinion of your service and learned quite a lot about what is contained in a good résumé. If I need a résumé done for myself in the future, I will be sure to contact you. In addition, if anyone is looking for professional employment, I will recommend you and your service in the future.

Edward J. Zemaitis

Spinning Jenny